What Can I Do to Support the Law of Attraction while Achieving My Dreams? 

I am often approached by people who tell me that the Law of Attraction is not working for them. I always ask, “Can you tell me the reason why it isn’t working for you?”  The answer is always the same: “Well, I concentrate on what I want, I visualize and recite affirmations, but nothing happens […]

The Importance of “Allowing” in Using the Law of Attraction 

I recently read a great article on the Knowledge Plus Action blog that had some great points in regards to letting go of the “when” and “how” when using the Law of Attraction in your life.  While people can easily grasp the idea of visualizations and affirmations, they can sometimes get caught up in thinking, […]

Use the Law of Attraction to Grow your Business 

In the last post, we identified the five ways to tap into the Law of Attraction. You may be wondering, what are some practical applications to building a personal network or improving business?  When it comes to business, you should be ready with an intention — the first step of tapping into the Law of […]

The Essence of LOA in Three Steps 

Like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction is always present. Positive thoughts attract success, logic attracts order; but also, chaos attracts more chaos, and negativity attracts defeat. To harness the Law of Attraction to obtain what you most desire in life, always remember the following:  Set clear intentions.  Believe that what can be, […]

How Can the Law of Attraction Help Me in My Career? 

Whether you’re trying to become more efficient at your job, or maybe thinking about changing professions completely because you don’t feel fulfillment in what you do, you can always apply the Law of Attraction to improve your job or even find a new one.  One thing that you must keep in mind is that in […]

5 Ways You May Be Using the Law of Attraction Incorrectly 

1) Not Allowing Universal Mind to Take Over  In earlier posts, I’ve talked about the “Art of Allowing” in regards to the Law of Attraction and its success in your life. It is important to remember that after you have declared your intentions — essentially putting in an “order” to the Universe — you must […]

How Can the Law of Attraction Help Me with My Business Networking? 

Many Law of Attraction practitioners find that they seem to meet the right people at the right time to bring them the right opportunities. But how do you meet those people? It starts with visualizing meeting the people and creating those opportunities, and then keeping those images in our mind.  Whatever we allow to enter […]

How Can the Law of Attraction Help Me Fight Addiction? 

Oftentimes when we think of addiction, we think of alcohol or drugs. However, addiction can take many forms. First, it is important to understand that not being aware of the emotions and feelings that keep attracting what you do not want is an addiction in itself.  In order to successfully practice the Law of Attraction […]

Never Underestimate the Power of Thought 

Have you ever made an effort to become more aware of what you choose to entertain in your mind? Most people don’t. In fact, most people tend to function on auto-pilot. I like to give the analogy of driving to work on a daily basis. You leave the house, jump in the car, travel to […]

The Benefits of Living a Life on Purpose

We live “on Purpose” when we do what we love and what truly matters to us, right? Sadly, most people finding their lives driven other motivators, namely, money. They often choose careers knowing they can expect a certain salary for that work. However, years down the road, after they’ve accomplished that, they find themselves empty, […]