How Can the Law of Attraction Help Me Fight Addiction? 

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Oftentimes when we think of addiction, we think of alcohol or drugs. However, addiction can take many forms. First, it is important to understand that not being aware of the emotions and feelings that keep attracting what you do not want is an addiction in itself. 

In order to successfully practice the Law of Attraction when trying to conquer addiction, you must first recognize that you are addicted to those thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are keeping you static. 

The reason people keep attracting what they don’t want is because they are addicted to the feelings and emotions they experience. It sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. You are not moving past the addiction itself because there is some security that you are finding in your current situation. 

People don’t want to be victims, and yet most people victimize themselves by complaining about how things are. They start speaking in “if only’s” — as in, “if only my life were like this, things would be different, things would be better.” The truth is, in order for things to change, you must change. Taking responsibility for your life and creating your own reality are very significant because they are necessary steps in getting rid of whatever addiction you may have. 

Like I mentioned earlier, attracting what you don’t want while you are on autopilot is an addiction in itself. Instead of life happening to you, or you reacting to life on autopilot, focus on directing your life consciously to where you want to be. Coming to the realization that you have other problems that need to be fixed is the first step. Continue with positive affirmations, visualizations, and meditations that focus on a healthier, happier you. 

With successfully practicing the Law of Attraction comes awareness, bringing into your life that which will serve your life in a positive way. Once you reach this level of awareness, that which doesn’t serve you falls away. The key here is: If you can conquer your mind, you can conquer your life. 

What do you think? What sorts of addictions could you overcome by using the Law of Attraction? 

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