Is Fulfillment Found in Doing or Being?

Most people decide to be successful in life because they equate being successful with finding fulfillment. They think, “If I’m successful, then I will be happy and joyful!” But I’ll tell you this, a lot of people will disagree with me (which is fine), you can be successful and yet be extremely miserable. How many […]

Why Can’t I Find Happiness Living a Superficial Life?

One morning, while sitting on my patio after a deep meditation, I started to ponder this question: Is there a deeper kind of life than the one you are currently living? is there more to life than acquiring all the material things you could possibly get your hands on?  The truth is, when things are […]

Can Money and Material Things Alone Make You Happy? 

Let me tell you a story.  An intelligent, self-motivated man was offered a well-paying job. The catch was that he had to work overseas, and couldn’t take his family with him. Although he had to spend the majority of the year away from his family, they offered to compensate him generously. It was an offer […]

Losing Sight of Your Purpose: The Doubter and the Distractor

Americans are fans of instant gratification. We love the microwave, the fast-food drive-thru, and getting what we want when we want it. Google “get rich quick” and you will find thousands and thousands of pages claiming to make you a millionaire overnight. So when it comes to going after our dreams, it’s no surprise that […]

Does Living On Purpose Mean I Just Declare It and Wait For Things to Happen? 

When “The Law of Attraction” became widely known a few years ago, many people were mislead into thinking that you simply had to declare your desire to the Universe and wait for opportunities to come to you. People were hearing glowing testimonials of individuals who asked for and received extravagant things to manifest in their […]

Where Can I Find My Inspiration to Do Great Things? 

When seeking inspiration for your own accomplishments and life purpose, the most important thing to do is find someone you want to emulate. But never forget that you are your own person.  Everybody has a different idea about what makes a “good” role model, so choose one who speaks to you and your unique purpose […]

How Does Goal Setting Help Me Find My Life’s Purpose? 

How will you know if you have achieved your life’s purpose? How will you know if you’re on your way to meeting the expectations you have set for yourself?  Goal setting. You need to set goals to find your life’s purpose.  I am asked a lot by clients about how they should go about setting […]

Use an Accountability Partner or Group to Live Your Life’s Purpose

It’s extremely important to have a support group as you try to find your life’s purpose. Why? Because the journey is going to be hard!  You know that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. You have to put in time and sacrifice, and there is no better method of motivation […]

What Happened to Those New Year’s Resolution?

Every year, as the New Year approaches, we are bombarded with messages pressuring us to pick a resolution for the next twelve months. For some reason or another, we have been conditioned to think of January 1st as this clean slate upon which to write our biggest intentions.  Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, or […]

A Law of Attraction Success Story 

I consider myself blessed to come into contact with individuals who are on their own individual paths to turn dreams into realities. I know so many people who have gone on to do amazing things. Each success story becomes an uplifting reminder of what can happen if we set our intentions with the Universe. I’d […]