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Do you feel like you have hit a road block that stands between you and your goals? Are you tired of the limiting beliefs that hold you and your dreams captive? Do you feel like no matter what you do, you continue to get stuck in the same fear-based ruts that prevent you from moving forward? Do you feel you could achieve so much more if you could simply break free from the past?

Are you ready to take your life to an entirely new level by transforming your dreams into measurable results?

If you said “YES!”, then keep reading

Dr. Alex Ledgister has been showing professionals and entrepreneurs how to transform their goals and dreams into reality, for over a decade now. His proven Mind Mastery™ Coaching System has paved the way for motivated individuals to achieve all new levels of success. Having overcome insurmountable odds to become the success he is today, Dr. Alex Ledgister knows from first hand experience what it takes to achieve, and most importantly maintain, success.


The Mind Mastery™ Coaching System begins by assisting you in setting powerful intentions. In order to achieve your dreams, you must first know what your dreams are and set powerful intentions to achieve them. The powerful intentions you set will be your rudder throughout the program.

Once you have clarity on your dreams, it is time to break free from the chains of the past, so that you are free to move forward. The Mind Mastery Coaching System will teach you how to Live With Integrity, making your dreams more attainable, richer, deeper and more rewarding.

With the past behind you and your dreams in front of you, Mind Mastery will help you find your purpose. What is it that will fulfill you in a way that nothing else can? What will get you so excited for this beautiful adventure called Life? The answer is, your purpose. As a client, you will gain clarity so that you become a powerful driving force behind your purpose.

Once you have a rock-solid foundation upon which to build a brighter future, you will learn how to “Access Your Dreamer” and “Deal With Your Doubter.” You will learn the difference between dreams, goals, and fantasies, and the purpose each serves. You will also learn how to manage and silence the doubter that is within each of us.

Now that you have a clearer path to your dreams, it’s time for action! You will learn how to create a Success Strategy and how to segment your dreams into simple steps so they become believable, and achievable. You will also learn how to Build Your Dream Team which can help grow your success exponentially.

As you continue on in the Coaching Program, you will learn to grow and live your dream life in a way that is sustainable for the long-term. You will go from simply dreaming, to living!

Why It´s Different?

The majority of coaching programs out there focus only on surface level achievements, the effects. Most programs don’t focus on the cause of results, your thought process. However, long-lasting results come from changing what is within you first. The results then come more easily and quickly, as you have improved the actual machine, your mind, that is creating the results.

Why is it so important to change your thought processes before focusing on the results? Just as water always seeks it’s own level, until you change your thought processes, you will always go back to the same place. Do you ever wonder why some people are always successful, regardless of circumstances or obstacles? While others, no matter what they achieve, always seem to lose everything? It’s simply a matter of the “wiring” in your brain. Once you change that wiring, you are changing the entire machine, and the level which you will automatically seek, will be of your choosing, not the level dictating by your past or limiting beliefs.

Dr. Alex Ledgister is able to help you, as a client, “rewire” your thoughts processes so that instead of feeling like you are always fighting an uphill battle to achieve your goals, you are simply working with the flow of your mind to maintain a new level of success. You can read more about his philosophy of Mind Mastery™ here.

Dr. Alex Ledgister is not your typical “Success Coach.” The former Marine who holds a Ph.D.

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