The Importance of “Allowing” in Using the Law of Attraction 

I recently read a great article on the Knowledge Plus Action blog that had some great points in regards to letting go of the “when” and “how” when using the Law of Attraction in your life.  While people can easily grasp the idea of visualizations and affirmations, they can sometimes get caught up in thinking, […]

How Can I Get the Most Out of Living My Life On Purpose? 

How do you get the most out of living your life on purpose? You do what matters most to you. (Oftentimes, life’s most simple questions have the most simple answers.)  The truth is, most people do not choose their life purpose — they merely choose a career. This is mainly for status in society: “If […]

How Do I Find My Life’s Purpose? 

When it comes to finding your life’s purpose, every person is different. Some people inherently know their purpose, but they’re not sure how to really get it going. There might be something in their lives that brings them joy, but for some reason or another, they haven’t been able to get on the path to […]

What is The Warrior Mindset? 

Have you ever given much “thought” with regard to what your thoughts are, where they come from or the power they have in molding and shaping your life? When we think positive thoughts, we are stronger and more effective than when we think negative thoughts. When we are positive, our brain operates at maximum efficiency.  […]

The Power of Beliefs

Beliefs are a beautiful thing, but they can also be very complex. A belief system can either help you do amazing things or break you down. I have seen many examples in my own work of how our beliefs have this power and can be made to work for us.  A belief system usually begins […]

Why Are You Tired After a Day at the Office? 

Sitting in the office is tough. It’s tough on the body and mind. It may not seem like it, because you’re just sitting in a chair most of the time, but it can be very exhausting. Working your mind all day can be just as tiring as working your body for long periods of time. […]

Being Grateful

Be mindful of the little things and everything you have. Take a few minutes out of your day to appreciate the gift of life. The truth is, life is too short so spend it with the people that matters to you most. Exercise an attitude of gratitude by focusing on that feeling… It is all […]

The Warrior Mindset

Mindset is developed when you employ a fixed mental attitude that predetermines your response to a given situation. In this case the given situation is life itself. Therefore, we must maintain a mindset that will be congruent with what we want to accomplish. In this video Dr. Ledgister talks about four tips that we can […]

Staying Fit: No Time For Excuses

Learning to maintain health – both physical and mental is paramount. By focusing on exercise, rest, and stress reduction you can create a more balanced and productive life, which leads to attracting more of what you want in your business or personal life.