The Essence of LOA in Three Steps 

Like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction is always present. Positive thoughts attract success, logic attracts order; but also, chaos attracts more chaos, and negativity attracts defeat. To harness the Law of Attraction to obtain what you most desire in life, always remember the following:  Set clear intentions.  Believe that what can be, […]

Take a Passion Quest to Live “On Purpose” 

Living Life On Purpose is not always easy. We’re sometimes so bogged down by what we have to do that we forget to look at what we love to do.  Because passion and purpose go hand in hand, we want to continually pursue and identify what excites us. Several times a week, consider going on […]

How Can I Get the Most Out of Living My Life On Purpose? 

How do you get the most out of living your life on purpose? You do what matters most to you. (Oftentimes, life’s most simple questions have the most simple answers.)  The truth is, most people do not choose their life purpose — they merely choose a career. This is mainly for status in society: “If […]

Where Can I Find My Inspiration to Do Great Things? 

When seeking inspiration for your own accomplishments and life purpose, the most important thing to do is find someone you want to emulate. But never forget that you are your own person.  Everybody has a different idea about what makes a “good” role model, so choose one who speaks to you and your unique purpose […]

Even Life Coaches Get The Blues

A lot of growth and change has taken place in my life, which meant I had to take some time away from my passion and life purpose. But as I said in last week’s blog post, this happens to everyone once in a while, even life coaches.  I went through a divorce in 2011 and […]

The Mind-Body Connection 

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach when you hear bad news about a loved one? Or felt that squishy feeling when you see the love of your life? Or the paralysis that comes in a moment of terror? These are examples of the mind-body connection.  The mind-body connection is very real and important […]

Taking Time Out to Unplug and Relax 

Stop. Sit down for a minute. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Are you back now? Good. How do you feel? How do you think you would feel if you could take 10 minutes of complete silence and “empty mindedness” every day?  It’s essential that we take time out to recharge our […]

No Excuses, There is Always a Way 

Grit plays a huge role in what makes people successful. It’s not just serendipity, planning, goal setting, or the Law of Attraction. We can’t just want something. We have to work for these things. It takes grit and tenacity.  Some people are born with gifts that they don’t take advantage of because they don’t have […]

Maximize Your Day by Shifting Your Vibration

 If your life is currently stable, it means that you are maintaining proper equilibrium with the energy around you. In order to do this, however, you must vibrate at the right energy frequency. You have to become aware that surrounding yourself with energy that reinforce your current state, will keep you vibrating at that same […]

What Is The Power Of Awareness?

Do you know that with increase Self Awareness you can actually enjoy a better quality of life. Yes, with a good understanding of how we relate to others and what is happening within ourselves, we can adjust our behavior and improve our circumstances. It all comes down to the choices we make. You can make […]