What Can I Do to Support the Law of Attraction while Achieving My Dreams? 

I am often approached by people who tell me that the Law of Attraction is not working for them. I always ask, “Can you tell me the reason why it isn’t working for you?”  The answer is always the same: “Well, I concentrate on what I want, I visualize and recite affirmations, but nothing happens […]

The Benefits of Living a Life on Purpose

We live “on Purpose” when we do what we love and what truly matters to us, right? Sadly, most people finding their lives driven other motivators, namely, money. They often choose careers knowing they can expect a certain salary for that work. However, years down the road, after they’ve accomplished that, they find themselves empty, […]

How Can the Law of Attraction Help Me in Sports? 

I recently read about a study researching the influence visualization has on an athlete’s performance. The article, Effect of mental practice on the development of a certain motor skill , by Professor L.V. Clark, who tried to determine the effect visualization had on athletic performance.  He studied two groups of high school basketball players of […]

Why Should I Live a Life of Purpose?

Why Should I Live a Life of Purpose?  Some people believe that life is meant to be endured, not enjoyed. They believe you take a job to be financially stable, not to do what you enjoy. For them, we’re all here to fulfill a purpose, but it’s a very small one. How do you talk […]

How Do I Find My Life’s Purpose? 

When it comes to finding your life’s purpose, every person is different. Some people inherently know their purpose, but they’re not sure how to really get it going. There might be something in their lives that brings them joy, but for some reason or another, they haven’t been able to get on the path to […]

Why Can’t I Find Happiness Living a Superficial Life?

One morning, while sitting on my patio after a deep meditation, I started to ponder this question: Is there a deeper kind of life than the one you are currently living? is there more to life than acquiring all the material things you could possibly get your hands on?  The truth is, when things are […]

Does Living On Purpose Mean I Just Declare It and Wait For Things to Happen? 

When “The Law of Attraction” became widely known a few years ago, many people were mislead into thinking that you simply had to declare your desire to the Universe and wait for opportunities to come to you. People were hearing glowing testimonials of individuals who asked for and received extravagant things to manifest in their […]

Use an Accountability Partner or Group to Live Your Life’s Purpose

It’s extremely important to have a support group as you try to find your life’s purpose. Why? Because the journey is going to be hard!  You know that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. You have to put in time and sacrifice, and there is no better method of motivation […]

What is The Warrior Mindset? 

Have you ever given much “thought” with regard to what your thoughts are, where they come from or the power they have in molding and shaping your life? When we think positive thoughts, we are stronger and more effective than when we think negative thoughts. When we are positive, our brain operates at maximum efficiency.  […]