Where Can I Find My Inspiration to Do Great Things? 

When seeking inspiration for your own accomplishments and life purpose, the most important thing to do is find someone you want to emulate. But never forget that you are your own person.  Everybody has a different idea about what makes a “good” role model, so choose one who speaks to you and your unique purpose […]

How Does Goal Setting Help Me Find My Life’s Purpose? 

How will you know if you have achieved your life’s purpose? How will you know if you’re on your way to meeting the expectations you have set for yourself?  Goal setting. You need to set goals to find your life’s purpose.  I am asked a lot by clients about how they should go about setting […]

The Mind-Body Connection 

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach when you hear bad news about a loved one? Or felt that squishy feeling when you see the love of your life? Or the paralysis that comes in a moment of terror? These are examples of the mind-body connection.  The mind-body connection is very real and important […]

Making The Connection Between Mind, Spirit and Body During Injuries 

Negative thoughts can be toxic. They affect the connection between universal intelligence and us. These negative thoughts can be even more prevalent and pressing when you are suffering from a bodily injury. If you are not present and aware of your thoughts during this time, it’s easy to get depressed. But awareness can not only […]

Why Are You Tired After a Day at the Office? 

Sitting in the office is tough. It’s tough on the body and mind. It may not seem like it, because you’re just sitting in a chair most of the time, but it can be very exhausting. Working your mind all day can be just as tiring as working your body for long periods of time. […]

No Excuses, There is Always a Way 

Grit plays a huge role in what makes people successful. It’s not just serendipity, planning, goal setting, or the Law of Attraction. We can’t just want something. We have to work for these things. It takes grit and tenacity.  Some people are born with gifts that they don’t take advantage of because they don’t have […]

Staying Fit: No Time For Excuses

Learning to maintain health – both physical and mental is paramount. By focusing on exercise, rest, and stress reduction you can create a more balanced and productive life, which leads to attracting more of what you want in your business or personal life. 

What To Do When Sadness Pokes Its Little Head

There is not a single person in the world that can escape feeling sad or gloomy from time to time. The key to breaking loose from these negative feelings is to become aware of what you are experiencing so that you can make the choice to move on when you are ready. You have to […]

How Gratitude Can Quickly Transform Your Life

“When you are thankful for what you have, you will end up having more.” – Oprah Winfrey  Did you know that learning how to practice gratitude is one of the fastest ways you can transform your life? While it’s easy to get distracted with outside forces such as a stressful job, difficult coworkers, financial burdens, […]

Benefits of Hiring an Executive Coach 

The executive coaching industry is growing quickly—and for a good reason. Companies are realizing that quality executive coaching programs can impact the bottom line  significantly. However, this should come as no surprise to anyone. In athletics, it is standard practice to have a coach. It’s as basic as having the right shoes for the sport.  […]