Use the Law of Attraction to Grow your Business 

In the last post, we identified the five ways to tap into the Law of Attraction. You may be wondering, what are some practical applications to building a personal network or improving business?  When it comes to business, you should be ready with an intention — the first step of tapping into the Law of […]

How Can the Law of Attraction Help Me in My Career? 

Whether you’re trying to become more efficient at your job, or maybe thinking about changing professions completely because you don’t feel fulfillment in what you do, you can always apply the Law of Attraction to improve your job or even find a new one.  One thing that you must keep in mind is that in […]

Is Fulfillment Found in Doing or Being?

Most people decide to be successful in life because they equate being successful with finding fulfillment. They think, “If I’m successful, then I will be happy and joyful!” But I’ll tell you this, a lot of people will disagree with me (which is fine), you can be successful and yet be extremely miserable. How many […]

Does Living On Purpose Mean I Just Declare It and Wait For Things to Happen? 

When “The Law of Attraction” became widely known a few years ago, many people were mislead into thinking that you simply had to declare your desire to the Universe and wait for opportunities to come to you. People were hearing glowing testimonials of individuals who asked for and received extravagant things to manifest in their […]

A Law of Attraction Success Story 

I consider myself blessed to come into contact with individuals who are on their own individual paths to turn dreams into realities. I know so many people who have gone on to do amazing things. Each success story becomes an uplifting reminder of what can happen if we set our intentions with the Universe. I’d […]

Are TV and Electronic Entertainment Ruining Our Concentration?

Distractions are now a precondition for us. We are constantly being distracted by all kinds of technology and even other factors that aren’t on the surface. It’s crucial to be aware of distractions and regulate them so as to keep our mind healthy and improve focus.  Last week, we talked about how spending so much […]

No Excuses, There is Always a Way 

Grit plays a huge role in what makes people successful. It’s not just serendipity, planning, goal setting, or the Law of Attraction. We can’t just want something. We have to work for these things. It takes grit and tenacity.  Some people are born with gifts that they don’t take advantage of because they don’t have […]

Being Grateful

Be mindful of the little things and everything you have. Take a few minutes out of your day to appreciate the gift of life. The truth is, life is too short so spend it with the people that matters to you most. Exercise an attitude of gratitude by focusing on that feeling… It is all […]

The Warrior Mindset

Mindset is developed when you employ a fixed mental attitude that predetermines your response to a given situation. In this case the given situation is life itself. Therefore, we must maintain a mindset that will be congruent with what we want to accomplish. In this video Dr. Ledgister talks about four tips that we can […]

Maximize Your Day by Shifting Your Vibration

 If your life is currently stable, it means that you are maintaining proper equilibrium with the energy around you. In order to do this, however, you must vibrate at the right energy frequency. You have to become aware that surrounding yourself with energy that reinforce your current state, will keep you vibrating at that same […]