How Life Coaching Works

Whether you have already made the decision to hire a life coach or you are just starting your research, you are probably wondering, “How does life coaching actually work? What exactly does the process look like?” While each life coach may have his or her own unique coaching strategies, there is an overall process that […]

Benefits of Hiring an Executive Coach 

The executive coaching industry is growing quickly—and for a good reason. Companies are realizing that quality executive coaching programs can impact the bottom line  significantly. However, this should come as no surprise to anyone. In athletics, it is standard practice to have a coach. It’s as basic as having the right shoes for the sport.  […]

16 Powerful Productivity Resources for Executives

As an executive, one of the primary challenges you face is how to prioritize your time. The  ability to overcome this challenge can be the difference between taking your team and career to the next level or being sucked into the never-ending hurricane of emails and “got-a-minute” meetings.  To help you stay on track and […]

5 Ways to Increase Team Productivity

Every senior manager wants to improve team productivity. So while this goal is not new,  perhaps entertaining new perspectives can make the difference between your team reaching above average goals or excellent goals.  Below are five ways you can increase your team’s productivity:  1. Provide Authentic Recognition  You already know that many times people will […]

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Succeed in 2022

The year 2022 has kicked off with a bang, and you may have set some New Year’s resolutions for yourself. While many people joke about New Year’s resolutions because so many people have a hard time sticking to them, the New Year still brings an energy of opportunity and possibility to all of us.  It’s […]

5 Gifts To Give Yourself This Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing, work is being crammed into Q4 deadlines, gifts to give to friends and family are being purchased at the last minute, and it’s easy to forget about the to-do lists of the person whizzing around: YOU.  I have an interesting challenge for you this holiday season. While the […]