How Can the Law of Attraction Help Me with My Business Networking? 

Many Law of Attraction practitioners find that they seem to meet the right people at the right time to bring them the right opportunities. But how do you meet those people? It starts with visualizing meeting the people and creating those opportunities, and then keeping those images in our mind.  Whatever we allow to enter […]

Never Underestimate the Power of Thought 

Have you ever made an effort to become more aware of what you choose to entertain in your mind? Most people don’t. In fact, most people tend to function on auto-pilot. I like to give the analogy of driving to work on a daily basis. You leave the house, jump in the car, travel to […]

How Can I Face the Fears That Have Stopped Me From Living On Purpose? 

Fears are emotions that are born from our thoughts. When you think something, you feel an emotion. The more you dwell on that thought, the more angry, happy, etc. you feel. Thoughts come from the inner chatter within our minds that we contemplate either consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, the best way to deal with this […]

Even Life Coaches Get The Blues

A lot of growth and change has taken place in my life, which meant I had to take some time away from my passion and life purpose. But as I said in last week’s blog post, this happens to everyone once in a while, even life coaches.  I went through a divorce in 2011 and […]

Making The Connection Between Mind, Spirit and Body During Injuries 

Negative thoughts can be toxic. They affect the connection between universal intelligence and us. These negative thoughts can be even more prevalent and pressing when you are suffering from a bodily injury. If you are not present and aware of your thoughts during this time, it’s easy to get depressed. But awareness can not only […]

Staying Fit: No Time For Excuses

Learning to maintain health – both physical and mental is paramount. By focusing on exercise, rest, and stress reduction you can create a more balanced and productive life, which leads to attracting more of what you want in your business or personal life. 

A Quick Tip For Success

Staying in your comfort zone is easy. After all, that is all that we know, so it makes sense to revert back to it whenever we are faced with the rawness of life. In other words, It’s our natural tendency to return to an anxiety neutral, comfortable state. As a consequence, it gives you a […]

3 Simple Steps to Develop Leadership Skills

Leadership is one of the most sought after characteristics in people because navigating our way through life without leaders would be nearly impossible. While leadership skills are  inherent in some people, these are also skills that can be developed and strengthened within all of us. Here are three simple ways you can begin developing the […]

16 Powerful Productivity Resources for Executives

As an executive, one of the primary challenges you face is how to prioritize your time. The  ability to overcome this challenge can be the difference between taking your team and career to the next level or being sucked into the never-ending hurricane of emails and “got-a-minute” meetings.  To help you stay on track and […]

3 Ways to Advance Your Career in 2022

If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2022 was to advance your career, why wait any  longer? January is the perfect time to get the ball rolling. Whether you are looking to advance your career for more money, more seniority, more recognition, more freedom, or all of the above, here are three ways that […]