Take a Passion Quest to Live “On Purpose” 

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Living Life On Purpose is not always easy. We’re sometimes so bogged down by what we have to do that we forget to look at what we love to do. 

Because passion and purpose go hand in hand, we want to continually pursue and identify what excites us. Several times a week, consider going on a “passion quest.” Try something that interests you — perhaps something you’ve never done, but have always been curious about. Leave the “what if?” behind, and just do it. See if it resonates with your heart. Uncover something new or forgotten about yourself. Don’t assume you know everything — play detective for a week, as if you don’t know yourself. 

Make time for what makes you happy. Use your passion as the sole reason for saying, “No thanks.” In other words, when someone asks you to do something, and you don’t have an obligation or a desire to do it, make the decision to opt out. 

For example, when I was working overseas, I was making great money, but I wasn’t really fulfilled. So I turned to my passion and my purpose, which was to inspire other people to do great things. But in order to do that, I had to say “no.” I had to take a big risk: quit my job in the middle of an economic recession and follow what really made me happy. This is something I always wanted to do, and for me, this was my next step in life. Some people might think that’s crazy, but if you’re not living your purpose in life, what are you doing? Are you just another person sitting here and just going through the motions? 

Your passions will always lead you to your purpose. Passion is your access to power. So if you want to find out you purpose, ask yourself, “What am I passionate about?” Read about it, write about it, talk to other people about it. If you get excited about it every time, you’re passionate about it. If you get tired of it, then it probably wasn’t your true passion. 

As you discover the answer, you will begin to align yourself with that purpose, and it will begin to manifest what you want in your life. You will not be just going through the motions, confused; you will be living for a reason. 

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