What Clients Say About Coach Alex 

As a PERSON, Dr. Ledgister is deeply in touch and in tuned. One can FEEL him listening to your words, concerns and then the simplicity of his wisdom brings you to a point of awareness and knowledge that “ALL is well”. Dr. Ledgister is REAL and authentic, one with a heart, as well as one with a hearty LAUGH… He can be “stern” in the most creative and gentle ways so that on every turn of your session you are forever supported and reminded that YOU are GREAT! All lessons learned will propel you forward even if “situationally” you appear “STUCK”- He fights with you to WIN. 

Greta-Marcella Cobb, Project Manager, Baltimore, Maryland 

I am proud to have known Alex for four years. He is a stand up guy who does what he says he will. He is intelligent and able to share his ideas in a fluid and interesting manner. I would absolutely refer my colleagues to Alex because he is a man of his word. He drove all the way to Louisiana for a day to speak to to our club, The Broke Wives’ Club. They totally enjoyed his style and words of inspiration! 

Siobhan Shaw, Talk Show Host & Author, Kelowna, British Columbia 

Before speaking with Alex, I was very uncertain about taking the next step in developing my business. After working with Coach Alex, I felt compelled to follow my heart and my business, Vital Core Therapy for Autism, began expanding its services. 

Hope Floats, Entrepreneur, Woodland Hills, California 

Alex is a man of good morals, is compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and has a good sense of humour.  He is very heart-centred and  grounded. Always reliable, always caring and is a great listener. He is well prepared with his sessions, is articulate with his presentation and explains the process well.  He listens with his heart to everything that is being said and allows a person to speak their truth and bare their soul. He accepts people have their own way of doing things and in their time frame and gives guidance to help clients think for themselves in a positive way and are able to take steps forward that are for their highest good. 

Dianne Nicholas, Psychologist and Success Coach, Central Coast, NSW Australia 

Alex is a great coach because his authenticity and concern to help others is evident! He is a great leader, mentor and coach because he leads by example and has been there and done that! Alex has helped me in my personal life by motivating and inspiring me to work towards my dreams no matter what obstacles may come on my path. He has helped me professionally with his way of helping you to achieve confidence to speak positive energy around those I of business with! I trust Alex because he is always transparent and authentic in his words! 

Donna Butler Zachary, Louisiana 

Alex is a mentor, a coach, a friend. His depth and knowledge for feelings of the soul are one of the main attributes that made me reach out to him. When I want a real answers, I know who to turn to, he is always there. Never making you feel inferior, he just keeps it real. I think that he is a great coach because he is approachable, his own experiences in life have molded him into an incredible Man and mentor. After a terrible divorce, I lost myself and Alex helped me come back to life. He gave me the strength to go back to school and get my Masters in counseling and graduated with high honors! Alex is an Angel on earth. 

Diane F. Brown, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 

Dr. Ledgister is one of the rare professionals in the self-help/personal growth field that has the three components that aide people in making positive life changes- he is compassionate, authentic and competent. Alex, although highly educated and worldly in his life experiences, is approachable, easy to get to know and non-judgmental. Dr. Ledgister not only provided solutions and tools for my clients but provided me, a psychologist, with skills to improve my effectiveness in treating trauma survivors. 

Jill Foley Torres, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Houston, Texas 

“Dr. Ledgister is one of the rare professionals in the self-help/personal growth field that has the three components that aide people in making positive life changes- he is compassionate, authentic and competent.” 

Jill Foley Torres, Clinical Psychologist 
Houston, Texas 

“Dr. Alex Ledgister fights with you to WIN. He exhibits the CORE truth within every fiber of his being. There is a pureness and rawness that beckons you after one session with this spiritually phenomenal coach.” 

Greta-Marcella Cobb, Project Manager 
Baltimore, Maryland 

“My coaching with Alex and the tools that he gave me assisted me in not only in saving my life, but in creating a wonderful life for myself. I thank this amazing man Alex Ledgister from the bottom of my heart always.” 

Dianne Nicholas, Success Coach 
Central Coast, NSW Australia