The Benefits of Living a Life on Purpose

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We live “on Purpose” when we do what we love and what truly matters to us, right? Sadly, most people finding their lives driven other motivators, namely, money. They often choose careers knowing they can expect a certain salary for that work. However, years down the road, after they’ve accomplished that, they find themselves empty, sad, and angry. They resent their work and how many hours they must devote to it. I have friends who are doctors or lawyers, and they work a significant amount, and they aren’t happy. They’re making a lot of money, but at the end of the day, they are not content. They are not living on purpose. 

When living on purpose, you become a totally different, happier person. You can access purpose through your thoughts and memories. Start to think about the way you were when you were a little kid. What brought you joy as a child? What always caught your attention? What were the things that you were attracted to? You’ll notice that if you go back to the past, you’ll start to see a pattern of things you enjoyed that are interconnected. 

For example, when I was growing up, I remember one of the things that really made me happy was helping others. I also loved being in a constant state of learning, and looking for ways to get better and better, and grow personally. 

Another thing I was attracted to was everything having to do with the military. I loved everything about it, from the planes and helicopters to the uniforms. The discipline and structure involved in the armed forces were also attractive to me, and I felt really comfortable with those values. It really made my heart sing. When I got out of high school, deciding my next step in life was relatively easy. I started to think about what made me truly happy, and the military was something I always felt passionate about. As a result, when I did join the military, I excelled at everything I did. It was my purpose; it was what I wanted to do. 

When you decide that you want to manifest something in your life, first ask yourself, “Why? What kind of fulfillment will this bring me?” By understanding that, you will start finding your purpose, one which will push you forward and make your dreams a reality. 

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