Why Are You Tired After a Day at the Office? 

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Sitting in the office is tough. It’s tough on the body and mind. It may not seem like it, because you’re just sitting in a chair most of the time, but it can be very exhausting. Working your mind all day can be just as tiring as working your body for long periods of time. Once you understand why you’re tired after working all day at the office, you can find ways to rest through breaks, meditation, and physical activity. 

Constantly working your mind for long amounts of time can drain you mentally, as well as physically. If your mind is not used to working for so many hours or on such a hard task, it can come out as physical exhaustion too. If you’ve ever seen a child on the first day back to school after summer break, you know how worn out they are. They didn’t play very much (or at all if they’re older), but they’re still worn out. That’s because working the mind that much can be just as tiring. 

And we only make it worse. Most people take their lunch breaks with friends to eat and talk about work. Or some just work at their desk. Others leave their desk, sit down to eat, and surf the Internet on their phone or read a book. 

This leaves you no time to rest your mind so you can recharge for the rest of the day. By not using this time to rest or meditate, you’re piling on more exhaustion throughout the rest of your day. Powering down and disconnecting during lunch breaks with no mental activity can give your mind a break, which can help you be more productive throughout the rest of the day, and when you get home after work. 

Physical activity is another great way to combat that tired feeling so many of us get after a long day. Working out releases chemicals in your brain for relaxation and contentment. Along with chemicals, exercising also gives you the ability to detach from all stress and provides you with new energy. If you work out, you feel more energized and invigorated. But don’t work out in the evening, because you may have a hard time going to sleep after that energy burst you just got! 

If you’re usually tired at the end of a day at the office, take time to disconnect and recharge your mind. Go for a walk or sit somewhere quiet and think. Exercise in the morning or over lunch and boost your energy. Recharging and replenishing will help you finish your day without feeling tired and run down. 

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