How can a life coach help me?” 

I hear that a lot. 

I also hear “what does a life coach do?” and “I’m already successful, why do I need a life coach?” 

It’s a rather long answer, but it’s a simple one. 

Think of any professional athlete, professional actor, successful speaker, and even successful businessperson. They all have coaches. 

As good as Kobe Bryant is, he still has a coach guiding him to play his best. As good as Peyton Manning is, he still needs a coach to point out the things he’s missing. Even professional actors will sometimes go to an acting coach to help them hone the finer points of their craft. 

As good as the best are, even they need someone to guide, coach, and teach them to become even better, and to stay that way. 

As a life coach, I can help you improve your personal or professional life by suggesting new and different ways to reach your goals — goals that you have set for yourself, goals that I helped you discover. 

Life coaches are those people who have taken their own journeys, and can guide you on your own. They know the pitfalls and victories, the temptations and the successes. And they can help you find your own way without making the same mistakes they did. 

I have spent years coaching people, both in the military and as a civilian contractor. I have helped people in this country, as well as around the world, achieve their dreams and find their success. 

When do people need a life coach? 

Many people consider working with a life coach when they are in a transition in their life, or are about ready to make one. Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity, trying to move on to a new stage of your career or life, or when you’re stuck on a plateau and are looking for that next breakthrough. 

This isn’t therapy or counseling. Don’t get me wrong. Counselors and therapists play an important part in a person’s emotional well-being. But just like a life coach can’t help you deal with emotional issues you may have, a therapist can’t help you set goals and reach them the way a life coach can. 

That’s because a certified life coach has undergone countless hours of their own training and education on the best ways to help their clients achieve their full potential. We know what it takes to get you to run, when all you’ve done is crawl. 

That’s because a life coach is more than just a friend. A friend will tell you the things you want to hear, forgive you when you have failed, and let you stop when things are hard. A life coach is someone you have hired to push you, to not let you quit. They’re there to keep you moving, rather than let you sit and grow stale. 

As your life coach, your success becomes my mission. I’ll work with you to help you achieve your dreams and your goals. I’ll show you the ways to reach them and how to avoid the pitfalls that will come your way. Whether you’re trying to achieve greater success, or just want a better work-life balance, a life coach can help you win that race. 

Just call me at +1 (619) 392-8823, and we’ll discuss how we can make that happen.