The Essence of LOA in Three Steps 

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Like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction is always present. Positive thoughts attract success, logic attracts order; but also, chaos attracts more chaos, and negativity attracts defeat. To harness the Law of Attraction to obtain what you most desire in life, always remember the following: 

  1. Set clear intentions. 
  1. Believe that what can be, is. 
  1. Allow the universe to bring your intentions to fruition. 

When you’re utilizing the power of the Law of Attraction the most important first step is your intention. You can’t be wishy-washy about your goals in life. Be clear with yourself about intention. Why? Because, thoughts are things. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. If you can see it in your minds eye, if you can visualize it, it’s there. You may not be experiencing it right now, but it’s there. So, set your intention thoughtfully. 

Have faith in yourself and God. Affirm to yourself that you will achieve your goals. Visualize the small daily successes that will lead to your greater intention. Truly believe that the intentions you set now exist. They are “things” now. Things that are just waiting to move from a conceptual realm into reality, and they move closer every day that you believe in them. 

That which is like unto itself is drawn. ~Abraham-Hicks 

Finally, it is vital that you allow the universe to materialize your desire. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the Law of Attraction is a universal truth. What you project to yourself and to the world comes right back to you. That means you need to get rid of the negative thoughts that spring up from time to time. Doubt, anger, jealousy and apathy are human nature, but they’re also emotions that easily multiply and eat away at the progress of your intentions. You need to fight the negative, because only with positive outlook do dreams become reality. The universe has your goals in hand. You just need to cut through the haze to see them. 

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