The Power of Beliefs

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Beliefs are a beautiful thing, but they can also be very complex. A belief system can either help you do amazing things or break you down. I have seen many examples in my own work of how our beliefs have this power and can be made to work for us. 

A belief system usually begins early in someone’s life at home. If someone is always told they can’t accomplish anything or that they won’t amount to anything that can certainly become the case. They believe it, and eventually that becomes their self-talk. “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I won’t amount to anything.” That becomes how they define themselves. 

But, if a person decides not to buy into that belief, or they have a very positive upbringing where they face challenges and are showed how to deal with them, that person can go on to achieve great things, becoming successful and happy. 

In my own life, I grew up in a single parent home, without a lot of money, but I didn’t buy into the idea that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the success I wanted in life. I don’t use the patterns and points of reference that society has given me; instead I follow my belief system, and it has affected my life in incredible, powerful ways. 

This power of beliefs can show up on a physical level too. I remember a story about two police officers who were shot during a gun battle with a criminal. One man was shot in the arm and didn’t believe he could live. Another officer, at the same scene and with the same EMT crew, had a more serious injury, but was confident that he would be all right. 

In the end, the officer shot in the arm died, while the other officer with the more serious injuries survived. The second officer believed strongly that he would survive the more serious injury, and that kept his body in check. The first officer believed he would die, and he essentially willed his body to do just that. 

How you choose to deal with a situation, or believe in the possible results, can drastically change the outcome. 

What you believe in your mind as true is what creates your destiny. To create your destiny and get what you really want is based on what you use as a reference. 

As Harris Gibson says on his YouTube channel, “Belief is like climbing invisible steps. It’s that faith and believing in something. You don’t know it’s there but you have this faith to get to the other side. You may not see the steps but the meaning in your mind is what is going to get you on to the other side.” 

In the end, everything we’ve discussed goes back to awareness — awareness of your thought processes and your mind-body connection. If you can focus on that, and continue to have positive thoughts and strong positive beliefs, you will eventually be able to construct your desired destiny. 

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