What Are Some Different Areas for Self-Development? 

Inspired by the fresh start of the new year, many people have asked me to give them some direction on where to focus their self-development. It’s great that you want to start taking steps toward reaching your dreams, but at times, this can be overwhelming. Here are a few places you can start:  Awareness  If […]

Unleash Your Inner Wisdom 

Center Pointe Research Institute Director Bill Harris once said, “Mastery of life is all about awareness.” Harris was referring to the ability to become self-aware of our thoughts by reflecting and meditating. Thus, increasing our wisdom-related knowledge in order to live a more holistic and productive life. In “Intellectual Versus Wisdom Related Knowledge: The case […]

Avoid Getting Angry 

Through conscious awareness we are able to notice and observe our mental chatter. In “How to avoid the onset of anger” by ancient philosopher Seneca, we can find a list of reasons for avoiding anger. Most importantly, it seems like he is inviting us to consider self-awareness as a tool to avoid or neutralize the […]

Even Life Coaches Get The Blues

A lot of growth and change has taken place in my life, which meant I had to take some time away from my passion and life purpose. But as I said in last week’s blog post, this happens to everyone once in a while, even life coaches.  I went through a divorce in 2011 and […]

Making The Connection Between Mind, Spirit and Body During Injuries 

Negative thoughts can be toxic. They affect the connection between universal intelligence and us. These negative thoughts can be even more prevalent and pressing when you are suffering from a bodily injury. If you are not present and aware of your thoughts during this time, it’s easy to get depressed. But awareness can not only […]

Are TV and Electronic Entertainment Ruining Our Concentration?

Distractions are now a precondition for us. We are constantly being distracted by all kinds of technology and even other factors that aren’t on the surface. It’s crucial to be aware of distractions and regulate them so as to keep our mind healthy and improve focus.  Last week, we talked about how spending so much […]

A Quick Tip For Success

Staying in your comfort zone is easy. After all, that is all that we know, so it makes sense to revert back to it whenever we are faced with the rawness of life. In other words, It’s our natural tendency to return to an anxiety neutral, comfortable state. As a consequence, it gives you a […]

Leadership Tips: 5 Things To Ask Yourself Daily 

We all know the value of putting time each day toward reaching a specific goal. Your daily routine is crucial for setting up yourself for success, so you must become aware of what you are doing right now that it is counterproductive in order to replace it with a behavior that is more in alignment […]

3 Simple Steps to Develop Leadership Skills

Leadership is one of the most sought after characteristics in people because navigating our way through life without leaders would be nearly impossible. While leadership skills are  inherent in some people, these are also skills that can be developed and strengthened within all of us. Here are three simple ways you can begin developing the […]